Synonyms and Antonyms for genus-masdevallia

1. genus Masdevallia (n.)

large genus of tropical American mostly epiphytic orchids whose flowers have sepals fused at the base forming a tube; includes orchids sometimes placed in genera Dracula and Dryadella and Scaphosepalum


2. genus-Megapodius (n.)

type genus of the Megapodiidae


3. genus-Fenusa (n.)

birch leaf miner


4. genus-Milvus (n.)

a genus including the common European kits


5. masdevallia (n.)

any of numerous orchids of the genus Masdevallia; tufted evergreen often diminutive plants whose flowers in a remarkable range of colors usually resemble a tricorn with sepals fused at the base to form a tube


6. genus (n.)

a general kind of something

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