1. inconsiderate

adjective. lacking regard for the rights or feelings of others.


  • selfish
  • uncaring
  • thoughtless
  • tactless
  • unthinking


  • tactful
  • thoughtful
  • considerate
  • elegant

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2. inconsiderate

adjective. without proper consideration or reflection.


  • unconsidered


  • altruistic
  • generous

Sentences with inconsiderate

1. Adjective
If the person exhibiting inconsiderate behavior is a friend, you can tell them how you feel about the situation and if they continue being inconsiderate you can rethink your friendship.

2. Verb, base form
Your friend may be hurt by your initial mistake, but after a year, he may also deem you inconsiderate for not recognizing the need for an apology.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Perhaps you believe that he's inconsiderate of you when, in fact, he's just having a hard time remembering to put the seat down after years of not having to do so.

4. Verb, past participle
Teens can be inconsiderate by playing loud music or coming home past curfew and children can be inconsiderate when they don't want to take turns playing with a toy.