1. species

noun. ['ˈspiːʃiːz'] (biology) taxonomic group whose members can interbreed.


  • stock
  • taxon
  • variety
  • fish species
  • breed
  • variant
  • var.
  • bacteria species
  • endangered species
  • type species
  • genus
  • strain
  • taxonomic category
  • form


  • type
  • antitype
  • varied
  • homogeneity


  • species (Latin)

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How do you pronounce species?

Pronounce species as ˈspiʃiz.

US - How to pronounce species in American English

UK - How to pronounce species in British English

Example sentences of the word species

1. Noun, plural
The species is valued for not only being a sport fish but also for its delicious flavor.

2. Verb, 3rd person singular present
This species needs a moist but well-draining garden soil that is acidic and rich in organic matter.

Quotes containing the word species

1. Well, I think breathing life into the Endangered Species Act, taking those wolves back into Yellowstone, restoring the salmon in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.
- Bruce Babbitt

2. Hope is itself a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness, which this world affords.
- William Samuel Johnson

3. I think it's realistic to have hope. One can be a perverse idealist and say the easiest thing: 'I despair. The world's no good.' That's a perverse idealist. It's practical to hope, because the hope is for us to survive as a human species. That's very realistic.
- Studs Terkel

2. species

noun. ['ˈspiːʃiːz'] a specific kind of something.


  • sort
  • kind
  • form


  • overstock
  • understock
  • irregular
  • disrepute


  • species (Latin)