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3. extracurricular

adjective. (ˌɛkstrəkɝˈɪkjəlɝ) Outside the regular duties of your job or profession.

4. extracurricular

adjective. (ˌɛkstrəkɝˈɪkjəlɝ) Outside the regular academic curriculum.

5. activity

noun. (ækˈtɪvɪti) Any specific behavior.
act leading playing endeavor grouping behaviour positioning recreation mensuration usage laughter standardization work representation works grooming mourning organization preparation emplacement perturbation worship support measurement utilization service education verbalization verbalisation readying disturbance organisation hunting utilisation puncture acting aid negotiation music dismantling measure deed wrongful conduct delectation assist position precedency waste hell dissipation protection creative activity variation lamentation employment diversion training deeds committal to writing domesticity disassembly creation fun game locating solo performing politics effort calibration bag supporting sin vent assistance concealment animation exercise cup of tea market place burst sensory activity help leadership procedure wastefulness control buzz attempt enjoyment occupation behavior pedagogy line of work provision business doings followup release pleasure job location human action teaching writing actus reus supplying military operation line energizing demand variance liveliness try turn mystification outlet human activity timekeeping playacting continuance misconduct wrongdoing space walk instruction fit activation conduct operation pattern dismantlement use educational activity search play activating dish concealing supply endeavour continuation standardisation role hiding last marketplace obfuscation practice hunt precession ceremony placement measuring market process follow-up didactics precedence