1. clotting

noun. ['ˈklɑːtɪŋ'] the process of forming semisolid lumps in a liquid.


  • curdling
  • natural process
  • activity
  • blood clotting
  • action
  • coagulation
  • thermocoagulation
  • blood coagulation


  • sink
  • source
  • inactivity
  • discontinuance

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Rhymes with Clotting

  • squatting
  • trotting
  • spotting
  • slotting
  • plotting
  • blotting
  • allotting
  • yachting
  • rotting
  • dotting
  • botting

Sentences with clotting

1. Noun, singular or mass
Teach children how their body heals itself with an activity about blood clotting.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
In fact, it can help prevent complications like clotting that become more prevalent when you are sedentary.

Quotes about clotting

1. He: What’s the matter with you?Me: Nothing.Nothing was slowly clotting my arteries. Nothing slowly numbing my soul. Caught by nothing, saying nothing, nothingness becomes me. When I am nothing they will say surprised in the way that they are forever surprised, "but there was nothing the matter with her.
- Jeanette Winterson, Gut Symmetries