1. adulterous

adjective. ['əˈdʌltɝəs'] characterized by adultery.


  • illicit
  • extracurricular


  • infidelity
  • loyal
  • accurate

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Rhymes with Adulterous

  • adventurous
  • adventurous
  • amorous
  • barbarous
  • boisterous
  • cancerous
  • cantankerous
  • carboniferous
  • carnivorous
  • coniferous
  • dangerous
  • decorous
  • fossiliferous
  • generous
  • glamorous
  • herbivorous
  • herbivorous
  • heterosporous
  • homosporous
  • humerous

Sentences with adulterous

1. Adjective
Intent means she deliberately went out of her way to meet with him privately and commit the adulterous act.

Quotes about adulterous

1. Mercy vs. Revenge "May God have mercy on my unfaithful, back-stabbing, adulterous husband because I sure as hell won't.
- Beryl Dov

2. Figure, Woman, Wife I study the sleeping figure,Stare at her sated curl of lip;Her lids sealed in dreams so pureMy love's secured from tip to tip.I study the sleeping womanHer forehead faint with sweatHer eyes wildly remmingOf adulterous sex, I bet.I study the sleeping wife,Her mouth faintly drawing breath;Her throat pouring pools of blood ~How I loved this woman to death.
- Beryl Dov

2. adulterous

adjective. ['əˈdʌltɝəs'] not faithful to a spouse or lover.


  • unfaithful
  • cheating


  • unfaithfulness
  • trustworthy
  • constant