Synonyms and Antonyms for analysis-of-variance

1. analysis of variance (n.)

a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means; a statistical method that yields values that can be tested to determine whether a significant relation exists between variables


2. out-of-bounds (adj.)

outside the foul lines

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3. out-of-town (adj.)

happening in or being of another town or city

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5. analysis (n.)

the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relations

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6. analysis (n.)

a form of literary criticism in which the structure of a piece of writing is analyzed

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7. variance (n.)

a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions

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8. variance (n.)

an official dispensation to act contrary to a rule or regulation (typically a building regulation)

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10. variance (n.)

discord that splits a group

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