1. fertile

adjective. ['ˈfɝːtəl, fɝˈtaɪl'] capable of reproducing.


  • impregnable
  • rank
  • potent
  • stiff
  • fruitful
  • strong
  • fertilizable
  • productive
  • fecund
  • fertility
  • conceptive


  • impotent
  • infertility
  • sterile
  • unproductive

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Rhymes with Fertile

  • versatile
  • worthwhile
  • vantuyl
  • restyle
  • panfile
  • monteil
  • marseille
  • kurzweil
  • hostile
  • compile
  • soleil
  • revile
  • refile
  • nevile
  • mikhail
  • delisle
  • beguile
  • argyll
  • while
  • trial
  • style
  • stile
  • smile
  • awhile
  • zile
  • wyle
  • wile
  • weill
  • weil
  • vile

How do you pronounce fertile?

Pronounce fertile as ˈfərtəl.

US - How to pronounce fertile in American English

UK - How to pronounce fertile in British English

How do you spell fertile? Is it furtile ?

A common misspelling of fertile is furtile

Sentences with fertile

1. Adjective
A crown of thorns plant grows well in soil that is not very fertile.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Plant zinnias in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil.

Quotes about fertile

1. I will be generous with my love today. I will sprinkle compliments and uplifting words everywhere I go. I will do this knowing that my words are like seeds and when they fall on fertile soil, a reflection of those seeds will grow into something greater.
- Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

2. To preserve the silence within--amid all the noise. To remain open and quiet, a moist humus in the fertile darkness where the rain falls and the grain ripens--no matter how many tramp across the parade ground in whirling dust under an arid sky.
- Dag Hammarskjöld, Markings

3. This moment is yours and yours alone! Take charge, seize this moment and allow it to propel you to the high levels of an empowered life. Allow upon this fertile moment to be planted the seeds of your happiness and success.
- Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

2. fertile

adjective. ['ˈfɝːtəl, fɝˈtaɪl'] intellectually productive.


  • prolific
  • fecund


  • downgrade
  • incomplete
  • inconspicuous

3. fertile

adjective. ['ˈfɝːtəl, fɝˈtaɪl'] marked by great fruitfulness.


  • rich
  • fat
  • productive


  • fruitlessness
  • unproductiveness
  • uncreativeness
  • vulnerable

4. fertile

adjective. ['ˈfɝːtəl, fɝˈtaɪl'] bearing in abundance especially offspring.


  • fruitful


  • conquerable
  • upgrade