1. inconspicuous

adjective. ['ˌɪŋˈkɑːnspɪkwəs'] not prominent or readily noticeable.

Rhymes with Inconspicuous

  • assiduous
  • fatuous
  • impetuous
  • incestuous
  • presumptuous
  • promiscuous
  • sensuous
  • sinuous
  • sumptuous
  • tenuous
  • tortuous
  • unambiguous
  • unctuous
  • voluptuous

How do you pronounce inconspicuous?

Pronounce inconspicuous as ˌɪŋˈkɑnspɪkwəs.

US - How to pronounce inconspicuous in American English

UK - How to pronounce inconspicuous in British English

How do you spell inconspicuous? Is it unconspicuous ?

A common misspelling of inconspicuous is unconspicuous

Sentences with inconspicuous

1. Adjective
Ammonia can change the color of your carpet so test it in a small, inconspicuous area first.