1. subsequent

adjective. ['ˈsʌbsəkwənt'] following in time or order.


  • attendant
  • succeeding
  • incidental
  • ulterior
  • posterior
  • ensuant
  • consequent
  • resultant
  • accompanying
  • sequent
  • later


  • antecedent
  • absent
  • outgoing
  • basic

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Rhymes with Subsequent

  • abandonment
  • abatement
  • aberrant
  • abhorrent
  • abortifacient
  • abridgement
  • absent
  • absorbent
  • abstinent
  • abundant
  • accelerant
  • accident
  • accompaniment
  • accompaniment
  • accomplishment
  • accountant
  • accouterment
  • accoutrement
  • achievement
  • acknowledgement

How do you pronounce subsequent?

Pronounce subsequent as ˈsəbsəkwənt.

US - How to pronounce subsequent in American English

UK - How to pronounce subsequent in British English

How do you spell subsequent? Is it susequent ?

A common misspelling of subsequent is susequent

Sentences with subsequent

1. Adjective
Pry down each subsequent board until all the boards have been removed from the ceiling.

Quotes about subsequent

1. When Don Quixote went out into the world, that world turned into a mystery before his eyes. That is the legacy of the first European novel to the entire subsequent history of the novel. The novel teaches us to comprehend the world as a question. There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude.
- Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

2. Success has always been the greatest liar - and the "work"itself is a success; the great statesman, the conqueror, the discoverer is disguised by his creations, often beyond recognition; the "work,"whether of the artist or the philosopher, invents the man who has created it, who is supposed to have create it; "great men,"as they are venerated, are subsequent pieces of wretched minor fiction
- Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

3. The awful penalty of success is the haunting dread of subsequent failure.
- Arthur Christopher Benson, Escape and Other Essays