1. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] someone who imports or exports without paying duties.


  • malefactor
  • gunrunner
  • arms-runner
  • moon-curser
  • smuggler
  • criminal
  • felon
  • crook
  • outlaw
  • coyote
  • rumrunner
  • moon curser

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Rhymes with Runner

  • stunner
  • tonner
  • gunner
  • gunnar
  • bunner

Sentences with runner

1. Noun, singular or mass
In order to become a faster runner, you have to train by running.

Quotes about runner

1. I would never know how good I was if I didn't have Bob Arum. Bob Arum is white, Jewish; He was working for prosecutor's office. I'm black, an ex-convict, ex-number runner. Who would be most likely to succeed? It would be Bob 100-1. Yet I beat Bob on everything we ever done, with love.
- Don King

2. WINNER:is A Runner who “Wins Inspite Of Ninety Nine ExcellentRunners!
- Sujit Lalwani, Life Simplified!

3. If you want to be a successful runner, you have to consider everything. It's no good just thinking about endurance and not to develop fine speed.
- Arthur Lydiard

2. runner-up

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝˌəp'] the competitor who finishes second.


  • competitor
  • contender
  • second best
  • challenger
  • competition


  • cooperation

3. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] a person who is employed to deliver messages or documents.


  • messenger

4. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] someone who travels on foot by running.


  • traveler
  • jogger

5. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] a baseball player on the team at bat who is on base (or attempting to reach a base).


  • ballplayer
  • baseball player


  • middle
  • end
  • death

6. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] a horizontal branch from the base of plant that produces new plants from buds at its tips.


  • stolon
  • offset

7. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] (football) the player who is carrying (and trying to advance) the ball on an offensive play.


  • football player
  • footballer
  • ball carrier
  • passer
  • rusher


  • stay in place
  • citizen
  • lower
  • artifact

8. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] a trained athlete who competes in foot races.


  • athlete
  • sprinter
  • miler
  • marathoner
  • jock
  • marathon runner
  • road runner

9. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] fish of western Atlantic: Cape Cod to Brazil.


  • Caranx crysos
  • jack


  • legal
  • innocent
  • straight line

10. runner

noun. ['ˈrʌnɝ'] device consisting of the parts on which something can slide along.


  • blade
  • device
  • ski
  • sled
  • sledge


  • decriminalise
  • legalize
  • permit
  • decriminalize