Synonyms and Antonyms for reverse-osmosis

1. reverse osmosis (n.)

(chemistry) a method of producing pure water; a solvent passes through a semipermeable membrane in a direction opposite to that for natural osmosis when it is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure


2. reverse (v.)

turn inside out or upside down

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4. reverse (v.)

rule against

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5. reverse (n.)

the gears by which the motion of a machine can be reversed

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6. reverse (adj.)

directed or moving toward the rear

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7. reverse (n.)

a relation of direct opposition

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8. osmosis (n.)

(biology, chemistry) diffusion of molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a place of higher concentration to a place of lower concentration until the concentration on both sides is equal

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9. reverse (n.)

(American football) a running play in which a back running in one direction hands the ball to a back running in the opposite direction

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