1. recount

verb. ['rɪˈkaʊnt, ˌriːˈkaʊnt'] narrate or give a detailed account of.


  • rhapsodize
  • rhapsodise
  • recite
  • tell
  • relate
  • yarn
  • inform
  • crack


  • earned run
  • mistrust
  • distrust
  • Lady

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Rhymes with Recount

  • miscount
  • discount
  • surmount
  • blount
  • amount
  • account
  • yount
  • mount

Sentences with recount

1. Noun, singular or mass
Merchandise may not be properly checked in on arrival so that it will not be missed on recount.

2. Verb, base form
You might have to recount the drawer several times to find the mistake.

Quotes about recount

1. As followers of Christ, we are to be careful not to remain victims of the many cultural presuppositions of who he is, and what he teaches, insofar as taking for granted our own caricatures of him. Let it boil in both mind and heart the question, 'If Jesus were to appear today, how many of us would actually recognize him and his teachings (or would it simply be a recount of his first visit)?
- Criss Jami, Killosophy

2. recount

noun. ['rɪˈkaʊnt, ˌriːˈkaʊnt'] an additional (usually a second) count; especially of the votes in a close election.


  • count
  • reckoning
  • counting
  • numeration
  • enumeration


  • respect
  • dissociate
  • overstate
  • deceive

3. recount

verb. ['rɪˈkaʊnt, ˌriːˈkaʊnt'] count again.


  • number
  • numerate
  • enumerate


  • stay
  • differ
  • disagree
  • fall back