1. mythological

adjective. ['ˌmɪθəˈlɑːdʒɪkəl'] based on or told of in traditional stories; lacking factual basis or historical validity.


  • mythologic
  • fabulous
  • unreal
  • mythical


  • displeasing
  • credible
  • realistic
  • unreality

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Rhymes with Mythological

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Sentences with mythological

1. Adjective
It is also believed that the flower is in honour of Maia, the daughter of the mythological Atlas.

Quotes about mythological

1. You deal with mythological stuff for a few years, you learn that paradises are usually places where you get killed.
- Rick Riordan, The Battle of the Labyrinth

2. It's so hard to believe in anything anymore. I mean, it's like, religion, you really can't take it seriously, because it seems so mythological, it seems so arbitrary...but, on the other hand, science is just pure empiricism, and by virtue of its method, it excludes metaphysics. I guess I wouldn't believe in anything anymore if it weren't for my lucky astrology mood watch.
- Steve Martin