1. muscular

adjective. ['ˈmʌskjəlɝ'] having a robust muscular body-build characterized by predominance of structures (bone and muscle and connective tissue) developed from the embryonic mesodermal layer.


  • athletic


  • ectomorphic
  • inconsiderable

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Rhymes with Muscular

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Sentences with muscular

1. Adjective
This may be due to muscular imbalances elsewhere in the body.

Quotes about muscular

1. Honestly, as much as I love my brother, I’m not sure how I feel about him hanging out in your bedroom.” He reached out with a muscular arm and used his fingers to brush a few strands of hair off my cheek, tucking them behind my ear. I shivered, and he smiled. “I feel like I need to mark my territory.” “Shut up.” “Oh, I love it when you get all bossy-pants. It’s sexy.
- Jennifer L. Armentrout, Opal

2. The measure of a person’s strength is not his muscular power or strength, but it is his flexibility and adaptability.
- Debasish Mridha

3. The asana practice is extremely powerful and unique in design. In addition to improved flexibility, circulation, muscular strength and increased energy, and detoxification of the organs, each pose unblocks life force energy (prana) pathways in your body, reprograms your cellular DNA and connects us to our spiritual origin.
- Dashama Konah Gordon, Journey to Joyful: Transform Your Life with Pranashama Yoga

2. muscular

adjective. ['ˈmʌskjəlɝ'] having or suggesting great physical power or force.


  • light

3. muscular

adjective. ['ˈmʌskjəlɝ'] (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful.


  • powerful
  • strong
  • sinewy
  • brawny


  • ineffective
  • powerlessness
  • impotent
  • uninfluential