1. exterior

adjective. ['ɪkˈstɪriːɝ'] situated in or suitable for the outdoors or outside of a building.


  • spatial relation
  • outdoor
  • outside
  • out-of-door
  • position


  • interior
  • outside
  • middle
  • end

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Rhymes with Exterior

  • centerior
  • ulterior
  • superior
  • interior
  • inferior
  • anterior
  • cheerier

How do you pronounce exterior?

Pronounce exterior as ɪkˈstɪriər.

US - How to pronounce exterior in American English

UK - How to pronounce exterior in British English

Sentences with exterior

1. Adjective
Before painting your blind, you must prepare the exterior surfaces so that they will accept the paint.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Rub a dry cloth across the exterior of the shoe.

Quotes about exterior

1. The work of art, just like any fragment of human life considered in its deepest meaning, seems to me devoid of value if it does not offer the hardness, the rigidity, the regularity, the luster on every interior and exterior facet, of the crystal.
- Pope Paul VI

2. It is foolish to wish for beauty. Sensible people never either desire it for themselves or care about it in others. If the mind be but well cultivated, and the heart well disposed, no one ever cares for the exterior.
- Anne Brontë, Agnes Grey

3. The time has come to realise that an interpretation of the universe—even a positivist one—remains unsatisfying unless it covers the interior as well as the exterior of things; mind as well as matter. The true physics is that which will, one day, achieve the inclusion of man in his wholeness in a coherent picture of the world.
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man

2. exterior

noun. ['ɪkˈstɪriːɝ'] the region that is outside of something.


  • region
  • part
  • outdoors
  • open
  • outside
  • out-of-doors


  • join
  • connect
  • attach
  • stay

3. exterior

noun. ['ɪkˈstɪriːɝ'] the outer side or surface of something.


  • outside


  • misconception
  • beginning