1. outdoor

adjective. ['ˈaʊtˌdɔr'] located, suited for, or taking place in the open air.


  • exterior
  • outside
  • outdoorsy
  • out-of-door
  • open-air


  • interior
  • indoors
  • inside
  • internal

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Rhymes with Outdoor

  • amador
  • backdoor
  • bedore
  • commodore
  • ecuador
  • el-salvador
  • humidor
  • indoor
  • isidore
  • labrador
  • matador
  • oradour
  • parador
  • salvador
  • salvatore
  • san-salvador
  • stevedore
  • theodore
  • troubadour

Sentences with outdoor

1. Adjective
Turn off any outdoor lighting such as a porch or deck light, making your yarn completely dark.

2. Noun, singular or mass
The cottage has a fireplace and a private outdoor hot tub.

Quotes about outdoor

1. He cursed himself for having assumed the weather would be sunny. Perhaps it was the result of evolution, he thought--some adaptive gene that allowed the English to go on making blithe outdoor plans in the face of almost certain rain.
- Helen Simonson, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand