1. vital

adjective. ['ˈvaɪtəl'] urgently needed; absolutely necessary.


  • critical


  • lethargic
  • tired

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Rhymes with Vital

  • recital
  • entitle
  • title
  • teitel
  • lytle
  • litle
  • lightle
  • keitel
  • beitel
  • eitel

How do you pronounce vital?

Pronounce vital as ˈvaɪtəl.

US - How to pronounce vital in American English

UK - How to pronounce vital in British English

Sentences with vital

1. Adjective
The layout and the formatting is not crucial at this stage, but ensuring the right content is vital.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Potassium is an essential dietary nutrient vital to virtually all bodily processes, present in every human cell.

Quotes about vital

1. You are ugly when you love her, you are beautiful and fresh, vital and free, modern and poetic when you don't... you are more beautiful as an orphan than as your mother's son.
- Witold Gombrowicz

2. The goal of art was the vital expression of self.
- Alfred Stieglitz

3. Growing up in a group home, and with an undiagnosed learning disability to boot, the odds of success were not on my side. But when I joined the high school football team, I learned the value of discipline, focus, persistence, and teamwork - all skills that have proven vital to my career as a C.E.O. and social entrepreneur.
- Darell Hammond

2. vital

adjective. ['ˈvaɪtəl'] performing an essential function in the living body.


  • life-sustaining


  • still
  • unalert

3. vital

adjective. ['ˈvaɪtəl'] full of spirit.


  • full of life
  • animated
  • lively


  • nonexistent
  • extinct
  • dull
  • insensitive

4. vital

adjective. ['ˈvaɪtəl'] manifesting or characteristic of life.


  • alive


  • inanimate
  • unaware