1. territory

noun. ['ˈtɛrɪˌtɔri'] a region marked off for administrative or other purposes.


  • border district
  • trust territory
  • palatinate
  • city district
  • mandatory
  • community
  • development
  • borderland
  • region
  • administrative division
  • protectorate
  • British West Africa
  • congressional district
  • residential area
  • jurisdiction
  • march
  • dominion
  • possession
  • territorial dominion
  • administrative district
  • mandate
  • enclave
  • residential district
  • territorial division
  • goldfield
  • British East Africa
  • associated state
  • trusteeship
  • marchland


  • outside
  • inside
  • powerlessness
  • ride

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Rhymes with Territory

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  • aleatory
  • allegory
  • ambulatory
  • anticipatory
  • articulatory
  • auditory
  • category
  • celebratory
  • circulatory
  • compensatory
  • conciliatory
  • conciliatory
  • confirmatory
  • confiscatory
  • congratulatory
  • contributory
  • declaratory
  • defamatory
  • depilatory

How do you pronounce territory?

Pronounce territory as ˈtɛrɪˌtɔri.

US - How to pronounce territory in American English

UK - How to pronounce territory in British English

How do you spell territory? Is it territority ?

A common misspelling of territory is territority

Sentences with territory

1. Noun, singular or mass
An emperor is the sole ruler of his territory, and he must have control over all his people.

Quotes about territory

1. Japan's beautiful seas and its territory are under threat, and young people are having trouble finding hope in the future amid economic slump. I promise to protect Japan's land and sea, and the lives of the Japanese people no matter what.
- Shinzo Abe

2. Entrepreneurs adopt the ways of the adept and adapt to a changing environment. Actually, entrepreneurs are more enterpreneurs, because they are forever entering into new territory.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

3. Not sure how I felt about Antonio and Echo, I linked my fingers with hers. Antonio cocked a surprised eyebrow. Damn straight, bro. I just marked my territory.
- Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits

2. territory

noun. ['ˈtɛrɪˌtɔri'] an area of knowledge or interest.


  • optional

3. territory

noun. ['ˈtɛrɪˌtɔri'] the geographical area under the jurisdiction of a sovereign state.


  • geographical region
  • geographic area
  • soil
  • geographical area


  • cenogenesis
  • nondevelopment
  • palingenesis
  • devolution