1. mandatory

adjective. ['ˈmændəˌtɔri'] required by rule.


  • required
  • compulsory


  • deregulate
  • authorized
  • unauthorized


  • mandatorius (Latin)

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Rhymes with Mandatory

  • accusatory
  • aleatory
  • allegory
  • ambulatory
  • anticipatory
  • articulatory
  • auditory
  • category
  • celebratory
  • circulatory
  • compensatory
  • conciliatory
  • conciliatory
  • confirmatory
  • confiscatory
  • congratulatory
  • contributory
  • declaratory
  • defamatory
  • depilatory

How do you pronounce mandatory?

Pronounce mandatory as ˈmændəˌtɔri.

US - How to pronounce mandatory in American English

UK - How to pronounce mandatory in British English

How do you spell mandatory? Is it manditory ?

A common misspelling of mandatory is manditory

Sentences with mandatory

1. Adjective
It's not mandatory that you install a new drain fitting at the same time you replace the faucet.

2. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Some states may make such insurance policies mandatory in some cases.

Quotes about mandatory

1. Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
- Carroll Bryant

2. Jarod Kintz Day—it’s not just my birthday, but it should be a holiday that’s mandatory to celebrate, punishable by death if you don’t. It’ll be a holiday that honors freedom.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

3. We don't need mandatory, non-sectarian prayers read over the loudspeaker to 'put God back in schools.' God never left the schools. God is still at work through the hundreds of thousands of gifted teachers and administrators, committed parents, and passionate volunteers who seek to help give our children 'a future with hope.'
- Adam Hamilton

2. mandatory

noun. ['ˈmændəˌtɔri'] a territory surrendered by Turkey or Germany after World War I and put under the tutelage of some other European power until they are able to stand by themselves.


  • territory
  • territorial dominion
  • district
  • mandate


  • lender
  • nonmandatory
  • ex gratia
  • nonobligatory


  • mandatorius (Latin)

3. mandatory

noun. ['ˈmændəˌtɔri'] the recipient of a mandate.


  • recipient
  • receiver


  • facultative


  • mandatorius (Latin)