1. tantalizing

adjective. ['ˈtæntəˌlaɪzɪŋ, ˈtænəˌlaɪzɪŋ'] arousing desire or expectation for something unattainable or mockingly out of reach.


  • inviting

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Words that Rhyme with Tantalizing

  • reanalysing
  • analyzing

Example sentences of the word tantalizing

1. Adjective
Throw the everyday routine out the window and serve him dinner in a more unique and tantalizing way.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
Less fraught than flying, it's a leisurely experience that still holds the tantalizing promise of adventure.

Quotes containing the word tantalizing

1. All of us need to be in touch with a mysterious, tantalizing source of inspiration that teases our sense of wonder and goads us on to life’s next adventure.
- Rob Brezsny

2. Old books that we have known but not possessed cross our path and invite themselves over. New books try to seduce us daily with tempting titles and tantalizing covers.
- Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night

2. tantalizing

adjective. ['ˈtæntəˌlaɪzɪŋ, ˈtænəˌlaɪzɪŋ'] very pleasantly inviting.


  • inviting
  • tempting


  • unattractive
  • unseductive
  • untempting