Synonyms and Antonyms for spike-lavender-oil

1. spike lavender oil (n.)

pale yellow essential oil obtained from spike lavender used in scenting soaps and cosmetics

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2. oil-water interface (n.)

an interface forming the boundary between the non-miscible liquids oil and water


3. lavender (adj.)

of a pale purple color

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4. lavender (n.)

any of various Old World aromatic shrubs or subshrubs with usually mauve or blue flowers; widely cultivated

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5. spike (n.)

a transient variation in voltage or current

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6. spike (n.)

sports equipment consisting of a sharp point on the sole of a shoe worn by athletes

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8. oil (n.)

oil paint containing pigment that is used by an artist

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9. oil (v.)

cover with oil, as if by rubbing

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10. oil (v.)

administer an oil or ointment to; often in a religious ceremony of blessing

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