1. siren

noun. ['ˈsaɪrən'] an acoustic device producing a loud often wailing sound as a signal or warning.


  • alarm system
  • acoustic device
  • warning device


  • alarming
  • unalarming
  • unalert
  • dull

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Rhymes with Siren

  • syron
  • myron
  • myren
  • kyron
  • chyron
  • chiron
  • byron
  • biron

How do you pronounce siren?

Pronounce siren as ˈsaɪrən.

US - How to pronounce siren in American English

UK - How to pronounce siren in British English

Sentences with siren

1. Noun, singular or mass
You will hear a long chirp coming from the alarm's siren.

2. Adjective
Men who are tempted by the siren meet an untimely death if they reach out to her.

2. Siren

noun. a sea nymph (part woman and part bird) supposed to lure sailors to destruction on the rocks where the nymphs lived.

3. siren

noun. ['ˈsaɪrən'] a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive.


  • woman
  • adult female
  • temptress
  • femme fatale
  • Delilah


  • adult
  • Esquire
  • bozo
  • unmarried man

4. siren

noun. ['ˈsaɪrən'] eellike aquatic North American salamander with small forelimbs and no hind limbs; have permanent external gills.


  • genus Siren


  • male
  • husband

5. siren

noun. ['ˈsaɪrən'] a warning signal that is a loud wailing sound.


  • alert
  • warning signal
  • alarum


  • asleep
  • lethargic
  • unaware
  • beau