1. shimmer

noun. ['ˈʃɪmɝ'] a weak and tremulous light.


  • play
  • modification
  • change


  • disappear
  • uglify
  • absorb
  • birth

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Rhymes with Shimmer

  • excimer
  • trimmer
  • swimmer
  • slimmer
  • skimmer
  • schwimmer
  • primmer
  • klimer
  • grimmer
  • glimmer
  • brimmer
  • zimmer
  • wimmer
  • timur
  • timmer
  • simmer
  • rimmer
  • nimmer
  • limmer
  • kimmer
  • dimmer

Sentences with shimmer

1. Verb, base form
Jewelry made with crystal beads can shimmer and shine as you wear it by day or by evening.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Heat the olive oil over medium-high heat until the surface develops a shimmer.

Quotes about shimmer

1. Yet what keeps me from dissolving right now into a complete fairy-tale shimmer is this solid truth, a truth which has veritably built my bones over the last few years--I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue.
- Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

2. The sunset produces flower clouds in a garden in the sky, and while there is still light you can see a heavenly representation of my love for you.The sunrise produces rays that light up the world like your eyes do when you're with me. They shimmer and I can see the stars in your eyes that gleam from your soul.-Jarod Kintz and Karen Quan
- Jarod Kintz, liQUID PROse QUOtes

2. shimmer

verb. ['ˈʃɪmɝ'] give off a shimmering reflection, as of silk.


  • gleam
  • glitter
  • glint
  • shine


  • increase
  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • death

3. shimmer

verb. ['ˈʃɪmɝ'] shine with a weak or fitful light.


  • shine


  • loosening
  • inactivity