1. riveting

adjective. ['ˈrɪvətɪŋ'] capable of arousing and holding the attention.


  • fascinating
  • absorbing
  • engrossing
  • gripping


  • unstimulating
  • uninterestingness
  • unexciting
  • unattractive

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Rhymes with Riveting

  • pivoting

How do you pronounce riveting?

Pronounce riveting as ˈrɪvətɪŋ.

US - How to pronounce riveting in American English

UK - How to pronounce riveting in British English

Sentences with riveting

1. Adjective
However, opposition can make for a riveting essay, drawing a complex character filled with contradiction.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
H-beams have the top and bottom flanges attached to the center web by welding or riveting them together.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Weld the sides together as an alternative to riveting.