1. radar

noun. ['ˈreɪˌdɑːr'] measuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects.


  • Doppler radar
  • oscilloscope
  • measuring device
  • dish
  • early warning radar
  • waveguide
  • saucer
  • pulse generator
  • three-dimensional radar
  • CRO
  • dish aerial
  • measuring system
  • measuring instrument
  • radio detection and ranging
  • radiolocation
  • weather radar
  • microwave radar
  • 3d radar
  • dish antenna
  • wave guide
  • scope


  • inactivity

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How do you pronounce radar?

Pronounce radar as ˈreɪˌdɑr.

US - How to pronounce radar in American English

UK - How to pronounce radar in British English

Sentences with radar

1. Noun, singular or mass
Your goal is to raise doubt about the accuracy of the radar gun.

Quotes about radar

1. Just deleting vandalism on the Chuck Norris page,"Radar said. "For instance, while I do think that Chuck Norris specializes in the roundhouse kick, I don't think it's accurate to say, 'Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer, but unfortunately he has never cried.
- John Green

2. Getting you a date to prom is so hard that the hypothetical idea itself is actually used to cut diamonds,"I added. Radar tapped a locker twice with his fist to show his approval, and then came back with another. "Ben, getting you a date to prom is so hard that the American government believes the problem cannot be solved with diplomacy, but will instead require force.
- John Green, Paper Towns

3. Faith is like radar that sees through the fog -- the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see.
- Corrie ten Boom