1. waveguide

noun. a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves; used in radar.


  • radar
  • conductor
  • radio detection and ranging
  • radiolocation
  • wave guide


  • guide (English)
  • wave (English)
  • waven (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Example sentences of the word waveguide

1. Noun, singular or mass
Set the knife to the side and compare the outline to the old waveguide to make sure that they are close in shape and size.

2. Adjective
Set the waveguide material in the center of the cardboard sheet and lay your old waveguide on top of it.

3. Coordinating conjunction
Material dispersion occurs due to different indices of refraction in a medium depending on wavelength; waveguide dispersion occurs due to the structure of the waveguide causing light of different wavelengths to travel at different speeds.