1. promiscuous

adjective. ['ˈproʊmɪskwəs, prɑːˈmɪskjuːəs'] not selective of a single class or person.



  • promiscuus (Latin)

Rhymes with Promiscuous

  • ambiguous
  • arduous
  • conspicuous
  • contemptuous
  • contiguous
  • continuous
  • deciduous
  • disingenuous
  • incongruous
  • ingenuous
  • innocuous
  • strenuous
  • sumptuous
  • tempestuous
  • tumultuous
  • vacuous
  • virtuous

How do you pronounce promiscuous?

Pronounce promiscuous as ˈproʊmɪskwəs.

US - How to pronounce promiscuous in American English

UK - How to pronounce promiscuous in British English

How do you spell promiscuous? Is it promiscous ?

A common misspelling of promiscuous is promiscous

Sentences with promiscuous

1. Adjective
Or you can dress as a farmer's daughter who is known to be promiscuous.

2. promiscuous

adjective. ['ˈproʊmɪskwəs, prɑːˈmɪskjuːəs'] casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior.


  • promiscuus (Latin)