1. unchaste

adjective. not chaste.


  • loose
  • wanton
  • virtue
  • chastity
  • easy
  • licentious
  • sexual morality
  • impure
  • immoral
  • promiscuous
  • light
  • fallen
  • sluttish


  • pure
  • chaste
  • man
  • confine

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Sentences with unchaste

1. Noun, singular or mass
The only requirement was to take a vow of the five precepts: do not kill, steal, be unchaste, consume intoxicants or lie.

2. Adjective
Generally, slander regarding contagious or sexually transmitted disease or that a woman is unchaste; significant business inaccuracies, such as bankruptcy rumors; and allegations of crimes allow damages to be presumed.