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NGA Center for Disease Control and Prevention OSHA BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization United States Border Patrol government agency DOEI Federal Aviation Agency US Coast Guard AFISR authority FDA law enforcement agency independent agency agency National Climatic Data Center Army Intelligence Government Accounting Office Food and Drug Administration bureau NSWC US Border Patrol US Government Printing Office administrative unit Office of Intelligence Support IRS Bureau of Intelligence and Research United States Government Accounting Office Bureau of Justice Assistance United States Public Health Service Department of Energy Intelligence Marine Corps Intelligence Activity BJA Financial Management Service Naval Special Warfare National Guard Bureau GPO USA National Institutes of Health Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service INR NTIS Patent and Trademark Office Database Bureau of Diplomatic Security DS TSA NAWCWPNS United States Army CCRC Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Advanced Research and Development Activity local authority Occupational Safety and Health Administration LABLINK OIS Technology Administration National Weather Service Government Printing Office Federal Housing Administration Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance DRMS executive agency U. S. Air Force federal agency Immigration and Naturalization Service United States Government Printing Office DARPA BJS Army AI ONI NOAA INS FHA FAA USN NCDC DTIC Patent Office Customs Bureau Naval Surface Warfare Center administrative body NIH NGB NSW US Army United States Coast Guard Defense Information Systems Agency Comptroller of the Currency Counterterrorist Center CDC Foreign Service NIST Nonproliferation Center Defense Logistics Agency National Institute of Standards and Technology organ GAO U. S. Coast Guard PHS CTC Office of Naval Intelligence Internal Revenue Service U. S. Army ARDA United States Air Force Bureau of Justice Statistics USAF USCB Air Force National Technical Information Service FWS Bureau of Customs Air Force ISR NUWC Naval Underwater Warfare Center United States Fish and Wildlife Service Bureau of the Census NPC US Air Force United States Navy Defense Technical Information Center Casualty Care Research Center Department of Defense Laboratory System National Park Service Navy National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency US Navy Transportation Security Administration US Fish and Wildlife Service Bureau of Engraving and Printing DISA Census Bureau National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Customs Service MCIA
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