1. pancake

noun. ['ˈpænˌkeɪk'] a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle.


  • hot cake
  • flapcake
  • flannel cake
  • potato pancake
  • blini
  • blintze
  • tortilla
  • crepe
  • pfannkuchen
  • battercake
  • griddlecake
  • bliny
  • latke
  • French pancake
  • hotcake
  • crape
  • german pancake
  • buckwheat cake
  • flapjack
  • flannel-cake
  • blintz
  • buttermilk pancake

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Sentences with pancake

1. Noun, singular or mass
Over time, it might come to taste more like its box than a well-made pancake.

2. Adjective
The shelf life of a pancake mix is very good, but it isn't unlimited.

3. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Many pancake mixes contain fats, either in the form of vegetable oil or dried egg.

4. Verb, base form
This flatbread resembles a crepe or pancake more than the more substantial roti or naan.

Quotes about pancake

1. I can no more understand the totality of God than the pancake I made for breakfast understands the complexity of me
- Donald Miller

2. I can’t define what love is. That’s like eating a pancake with a waffle instead of a fork. But you know it when you feel it, like petting a cat wearing a synthetic fur coat.
- Jarod Kintz, A Story That Talks about Talking Is Like Chatter to Chattering Teeth, and Every Set of Dentures Can Attest to the Fact That No..

2. pancake-like

adjective. resembling a pancake in shape.


  • circular


  • angular
  • praise

3. pancake-style

adjective. cooked as pancakes are cooked.


  • in the raw