1. informed

adjective. ['ˌɪnˈfɔrmd'] having much knowledge or education.


  • enlightened
  • privy
  • well-read
  • au fait
  • familiar
  • knowing
  • hip
  • educated
  • wise to
  • wise
  • hip to
  • au courant
  • sophisticated
  • hep
  • conversant
  • up on
  • advised
  • knowledgeable


  • naive
  • uneducated
  • uninformed
  • uninitiate


  • -ed (English)
  • -od (Old English (ca. 450-1100))
  • formed (English)
  • in- (English)
  • in (Latin)
  • inform (English)
  • informen (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Informed

  • transformed
  • malformed
  • conformed
  • unformed
  • reformed
  • performed
  • deformed
  • swarmed
  • stormed
  • warmed

Sentences with informed

1. Adjective
Knowing how these plans work can help you make an informed decision about whether they are right for you.

2. Verb, past participle
When you're informed about government grants, the easier it is to find and apply for legitimate opportunities.

Quotes about informed

1. Certainly my personality, my sense of humor, my outlook on life was informed by the experiences of my parents and the stories they shared with me.
- Geddy Lee

2. You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.
- Harlan Ellison

3. Why are you limping like that?' Nicholas demanded.'I'm swaggering,' I informed him.'You look like you're wearing a diaper.'Charming. And I had a crush on this guy.Wait. I had a crush on this guy?'Now what?' he asked. 'You're making weird faces.''Nothing,' I said quickly. 'Never mind.
- Alyxandra Harvey, My Love Lies Bleeding

2. well-informed

adjective. possessing sound knowledge.


  • intelligent


  • illiterate
  • endemic