1. immortalize

verb. ['ˌɪˈmɔrtəlaɪz'] make famous forever.


  • eternalise
  • eternise
  • alter
  • immortalise
  • modify
  • eternalize
  • change


  • destabilize
  • enable
  • loosen
  • depersonalize

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Words that Rhyme with Immortalize

  • individualize
  • individualize
  • institutionalize
  • reindustrialize

Example sentences of the word immortalize

1. Verb, base form
Then immortalize young Rodney with a barn-red name tag on the blue wall behind his bed.

2. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Stories of love, romance and passion often become classics that immortalize great lovers.

Quotes containing the word immortalize

1. You do not immortalize the lost by writing about them. Language buries, but does not resurrect.
- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

2. immortalize

verb. ['ˌɪˈmɔrtəlaɪz'] be or provide a memorial to a person or an event.


  • memorialise
  • monumentalise
  • immortalise
  • memorialize
  • monumentalize
  • commemorate
  • remind


  • increase
  • demilitarize
  • dehydrogenate
  • sensitise