1. handgun

noun. ['ˈhændˌgən'] a firearm that is held and fired with one hand.


  • Saturday night special
  • stock
  • horse pistol
  • zip gun
  • six-shooter
  • side arm
  • semiautomatic pistol
  • automatic
  • small-arm
  • gunstock
  • derringer
  • piece
  • Very pistol
  • forty-five
  • firearm
  • rod
  • shooting iron
  • peacekeeper
  • six-gun
  • gat
  • Verey pistol
  • horse-pistol
  • semiautomatic
  • pistol
  • revolver


  • overstock
  • understock
  • irregular
  • disrepute

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Sentences with handgun

1. Noun, singular or mass
Equip your player with the ballistic knife or a handgun other than the Python for the secondary weapon.

2. Adjective
If you want a handgun-style airsoft or BB gun, you must apply for a handgun permit.

Quotes about handgun

1. He held up the AK-47, the muscles in his arm bunching against the weight. “This is an assault rifle.” Then held up the handgun. “This is a semi-automatic pistol.” Then he gave a little thrust of his hips and looked down at his penis. “That is my gun. As you’ve discovered, it’s pumpaction like a shotgun , but it doesn’t fire bullets.
- Pamela Clare, Breaking Point