1. peacekeeper

noun. ['ˈpiːˌskiːpɝ'] a member of a military force that is assigned (often with international sanction) to preserve peace in a trouble area.

Rhymes with Peacekeeper

  • beekeeper
  • bookkeeper
  • crowkeeper
  • doorkeeper
  • gamekeeper
  • gatekeeper
  • goalkeeper
  • groundskeeper
  • housekeeper
  • innkeeper
  • minesweeper
  • scorekeeper
  • shopkeeper
  • storekeeper

Sentences with peacekeeper

1. Noun, singular or mass
However, humans often muddy the waters by trying act as peacekeeper.

2. peacekeeper

noun. ['ˈpiːˌskiːpɝ'] the pistol of a law officer in the old West.

3. peacekeeper

noun. ['ˈpiːˌskiːpɝ'] someone who keeps peace.