Synonyms and Antonyms for emery-rock

1. emery rock (n.)

a mixture of emery dust and a binder; can be molded into grindstones

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2. rock-steady (adj.)

consistent in performance or behavior

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3. emery (n.)

a hard grey-black mineral consisting of corundum and either hematite or magnetite; used as an abrasive (especially as a coating on paper)

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5. rock (v.)

move back and forth or sideways

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7. rock (n.)

a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western

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8. rock (n.)

(figurative) someone who is strong and stable and dependable

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9. Rock (n.)

United States gynecologist and devout Catholic who conducted the first clinical trials of the oral contraceptive pill (1890-1984)


10. rock (n.)

hard bright-colored stick candy (typically flavored with peppermint)

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