1. diaphanous

adjective. ['daɪˈæfənɪs'] so thin as to transmit light.


  • transparent
  • filmy
  • gossamer
  • thin
  • see-through
  • vaporous
  • gauze-like
  • sheer
  • gauzy
  • cobwebby


  • solid
  • liquid
  • clear
  • opaque

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Rhymes with Diaphanous

  • ravinous

Sentences with diaphanous

1. Adjective
Women should pack at least one long, diaphanous sundress, mini dress and flowing skirt.

Quotes about diaphanous

1. I guess I'm just an old mad scientist at bottom. Give me an underground laboratory, half a dozen atom-smashers, and a beautiful girl in a diaphanous veil waiting to be turned into a chimpanzee, and I care not who writes the nation's laws.
- S.J. Perelman

2. A writer's goal is to weave the ordinary into fine silk and the truly extraordinary into diaphanous clarity ...
- C.J. Heck