1. contemporary

adjective. ['kənˈtɛmpɝˌɛri'] characteristic of the present.


  • modern-day


  • disjoin
  • unbalance

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Rhymes with Contemporary

  • actuary
  • ancillary
  • apothecary
  • arbitrary
  • arbitrary
  • aviary
  • budgetary
  • customary
  • deflationary
  • dictionary
  • dietary
  • dignitary
  • disciplinary
  • discretionary
  • disinflationary
  • dispensary
  • diversionary
  • diversionary
  • dromedary
  • emissary

How do you pronounce contemporary?

Pronounce contemporary as kənˈtɛmpərˌɛri.

US - How to pronounce contemporary in American English

UK - How to pronounce contemporary in British English

How do you spell contemporary? Is it contempory ?

A common misspelling of contemporary is contempory

Sentences with contemporary

1. Adjective
This style adds a rustic, yet contemporary, edge to any kitchen, as proven here by deVOL.

Quotes about contemporary

1. If I had to describe my sense of humor, I would say it's contemporary wit, you know what I'm saying?
- Tracy Morgan

2. Philip Larkin has a tough honesty and sense of humor that I find irresistible, as a contemporary poet.
- Robert Morgan

3. There are no categories in contemporary art. There are no rules. Artists are given the freedom to make and create whatever they please and call it whatever they please. I identify with that system, or lack of system, much more than I do the landscape of contemporary publishing.
- James Frey

2. contemporary

adjective. ['kənˈtɛmpɝˌɛri'] belonging to the present time.


  • present-day


  • differ
  • disagree

3. contemporary

noun. ['kənˈtɛmpɝˌɛri'] a person of nearly the same age as another.


  • coeval
  • peer
  • compeer
  • equal


  • inequality
  • incomparable
  • different
  • unsatisfactory

4. contemporary

adjective. ['kənˈtɛmpɝˌɛri'] occurring in the same period of time.


  • synchronous
  • synchronic
  • synchronal


  • juvenile
  • Lady
  • noblewoman
  • unequal