1. consistent

adjective. ['kənˈsɪstənt'] (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable.


  • consonant
  • concordant
  • reconciled
  • conformable
  • accordant
  • pursuant
  • invariable
  • agreeable
  • self-consistent


  • variable
  • discordant
  • defiant
  • disobedient

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Rhymes with Consistent

  • nonexistent
  • resistant
  • persistent
  • insistent
  • existent
  • assistant
  • distant

How do you spell consistent? Is it consistant ?

A common misspelling of consistent is consistant

Sentences with consistent

1. Adjective
Be consistent and never allow the dog to bite or paw at the chicken.

Quotes about consistent

1. I think the success of a talk show depends on how true it is to the personality of the person hosting it. The shows I really admire, like 'Oprah' and 'Ellen,' are distinctively like their hosts, so I think my show will be successful only if we try to stay consistent to my own sense of myself.
- Jane Pauley

2. In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.
- Anthony Robbins

3. At least one thing was consistent about her life: It just kept on getting more complicated.
- Scott Westerfeld, Pretties

2. self-consistent

adjective. ['ˌsɛlfkənˈsɪstənt'] not self-contradictory.


  • variable

3. consistent

adjective. ['kənˈsɪstənt'] the same throughout in structure or composition.


  • homogenous
  • uniform


  • inconstant
  • illogicality
  • synthetic

4. consistent

adjective. ['kənˈsɪstənt'] marked by an orderly, logical, and aesthetically consistent relation of parts.


  • seamless
  • ordered
  • coherent
  • rational


  • irrational
  • changeable
  • vowel
  • inharmonious

5. consistent

adjective. ['kənˈsɪstənt'] capable of being reproduced.


  • duplicatable
  • reproducible


  • illogicalness
  • analytic
  • unreasonable