Synonyms and Antonyms for apple-of-discord

1. apple of discord (n.)

(classical mythology) a golden apple thrown into a banquet of the gods by Eris (goddess of discord--who had not been invited); the apple had `for the fairest' written on it and Hera and Athena and Aphrodite all claimed it; when Paris (prince of Troy) awarded it to Aphrodite it began a chain of events that led to the Trojan War

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2. out-of-bounds (adj.)

outside the foul lines

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3. out-of-town (adj.)

happening in or being of another town or city

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4. discord (n.)

a harsh mixture of sounds

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5. discord (n.)

disagreement among those expected to cooperate

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6. discord (n.)

lack of agreement or harmony

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7. discord (n.)

strife resulting from a lack of agreement

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8. discord (v.)

be different from one another

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9. apple (n.)

fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh

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10. apple (n.)

native Eurasian tree widely cultivated in many varieties for its firm rounded edible fruits