1. crabapple

noun. any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms.


  • crab apple
  • cherry crab
  • flowering crab
  • Malus angustifolia
  • cultivated crab apple
  • Southern crab apple
  • Siberian crab
  • apple tree
  • Siberian crab apple
  • Malus baccata

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2. crabapple

noun. small sour apple; suitable for preserving.


  • cultivated crab apple
  • apple


  • cooking apple

3. crabapple

noun. any of numerous wild apple trees usually with small acidic fruit.


  • American crab apple
  • Malus coronaria
  • Iowa crab
  • Oregon crab apple
  • wild apple
  • wild crab
  • apple tree
  • prairie crab
  • garland crab
  • western crab apple
  • Malus ioensis
  • Malus fusca
  • Malus sylvestris
  • Iowa crab apple

Sentences with crabapple

1. Noun, singular or mass
Give the prairie fire crabapple tree an inch of water every week that there is no rain.

2. Adjective
Removing this wood helps keep your crabapple tree healthy.

3. Verb, base form
For pollination to occur, another apple, including another Gala or crabapple tree that blooms at the same time, must be nearby.