Accommodate Past Tense

The past tense of Accommodate is accommodated.

1. accommodate

verb. ['əˈkɑːməˌdeɪt'] be agreeable or acceptable to.


Rhymes with Accommodate

  • backdate
  • consolidate
  • dilapidate
  • elucidate
  • intimidate
  • inundate
  • invalidate
  • liquidate
  • mandate
  • mithridate
  • multicandidate
  • outdate
  • update

How do you pronounce accommodate?

Pronounce accommodate as əˈkɑməˌdeɪt.

US - How to pronounce accommodate in American English

UK - How to pronounce accommodate in British English

How to spell accommodate? Is it accomodate? Or accomadate? Common misspellings are:

  • accomodate
  • accomadate

3. accommodate

verb. ['əˈkɑːməˌdeɪt'] provide with something desired or needed.


5. accommodate

verb. ['əˈkɑːməˌdeɪt'] make (one thing) compatible with (another).

6. accommodate

verb. ['əˈkɑːməˌdeɪt'] provide a service or favor for someone.

7. accommodate

verb. ['əˈkɑːməˌdeɪt'] provide housing for.