1. zona

noun. ['ˈzoʊnə'] (anatomy) any encircling or beltlike structure.


  • zona pellucida
  • zonula
  • structure
  • complex body part
  • zone
  • body structure
  • zonule
  • bodily structure


  • deregulate

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Sentences with zona-pellucida

1. Noun Phrase
The sperm that reach the zona pellucida bind to it and then try to penetrate it.

2. Noun Phrase
These enzymes, along with the action of the motile tails of the sperm, help the sperm cells move through the zona pellucida and fuse with the plasma membrane of the egg cell.

3. Noun Phrase
Inside the zona radiata of the egg cell is another coat, called the zona pellucida.

4. Noun Phrase
The egg cell has an outer coat called the *zona pellucida*, to which a sperm cell must bind for fertilization to occur.