1. while

noun. ['ˈwaɪl, ˈhwaɪl'] a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition.


  • snap
  • hot spell
  • piece
  • cold spell
  • cold snap
  • spell
  • time


  • disjoin
  • inelasticity
  • stand still
  • open


  • hwil (Old English (ca. 450-1100))

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Rhymes with While

  • versatile
  • vantuyl
  • restyle
  • panfile
  • monteil
  • marseille
  • kurzweil
  • hostile
  • compile
  • soleil
  • revile
  • refile
  • nevile
  • mikhail
  • fertile
  • delisle
  • beguile
  • argyll
  • trial
  • style
  • stile
  • smile
  • zile
  • wyle
  • wile
  • weill
  • weil
  • vile
  • tile
  • theile

How do you pronounce while?

Pronounce while as waɪl.

US - How to pronounce while in American English

UK - How to pronounce while in British English

How do you spell while? Is it whilest ?

A common misspelling of while is whilest

Sentences with while

1. Preposition or subordinating conjunction
Springtime highs in the north are in the high 70s to 80s while southern highs are in the 80s.

Quotes about while

1. While many of us never knew Ronald Reagan personally, we felt close to him because we shared his lighthearted sense of humor, admired his uncommon virtue, and were moved by his remarkable wisdom.
- Randy Forbes

2. While formal schooling is an important advantage, it is not a guarantee of success nor is its absence a fatal handicap.
- Ray Kroc

3. While it is important for people to see your promise you must also remember that hope is the keeper of both happiness and disappointment, the father of both progress and failure.
- Bryant H. McGill