Synonyms and Antonyms for wheel-tree

1. wheel tree (n.)

eastern Australian tree widely cultivated as a shade tree and for its glossy leaves and circular clusters of showy red to orange-scarlet flowers


3. wheel (v.)

change directions as if revolving on a pivot

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4. wheel (n.)

a handwheel that is used for steering

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5. wheel (v.)

move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle

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6. wheel (v.)

wheel somebody or something

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7. wheel (n.)

game equipment consisting of a wheel with slots that is used for gambling; the wheel rotates horizontally and players bet on which slot the roulette ball will stop in

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8. tree (n.)

a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms

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9. tree (n.)

a figure that branches from a single root

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10. tree (v.)

plant with trees

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