1. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] a grounder that rolls along the infield.


  • grounder
  • groundball
  • hopper


  • rotor
  • walk
  • nonworker
  • let go of

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Sentences with roller

1. Noun, singular or mass
Set the roller into a paint pan, and allow it to soak up the paint.

Quotes about roller

1. I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.
- John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

2. A sofa on an elevator would be like a slow roller coaster where you get to work on your small talk skills. Oh yes, I am an adrenaline junky.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

3. Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that is just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I've been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times.
- Aimee Mullins

2. leaf-roller

noun. moth whose larvae form nests by rolling and tying leaves with spun silk.


  • tortricid
  • tortricid moth

3. roller-skater

noun. someone who engages in roller skating.


  • rollerblader

4. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore.


  • moving ridge
  • wave
  • roll

5. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] a small wheel without spokes (as on a roller skate).


  • castor
  • caster
  • roller skate

6. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] a cylinder that revolves.


  • trundle
  • roller blind
  • paint roller
  • cylinder
  • platen
  • sprocket

7. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] pigeon that executes backward somersaults in flight or on the ground.


  • tumbler
  • domestic pigeon


  • straight line
  • fall
  • unwind

8. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] Old World bird that tumbles or rolls in flight; related to kingfishers.


  • Coraciidae
  • coraciiform bird
  • ground roller
  • European roller
  • Coracias garrulus


  • malfunction
  • stay

9. roller

noun. ['ˈroʊlɝ'] a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it.


  • mechanical device
  • hair curler
  • crimper