1. voter

noun. ['ˈvoʊtɝ'] a citizen who has a legal right to vote.


  • floating voter
  • elector
  • crossover voter
  • floater
  • swing voter
  • electorate
  • crossover
  • constituent


  • serviceman
  • employer
  • software
  • construction


  • -er (English)
  • -er (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • vote (English)
  • votum (Latin)

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Words that Rhyme with Voter

  • locomotor
  • promoter
  • schroeter
  • floater
  • drotar
  • soter
  • rotor
  • notre
  • motor
  • koetter

Example sentences of the word voter

1. Noun, singular or mass
Receive your voter registration card after living in the state of Texas for one year.

2. Adjective, comparative
Visit the Declare Yourself website to find the offices that handle voter registration in your state.

3. Adjective
Campaign managers are responsible for effective budgeting, management of campaign staff and outreach to increase the voter base.

Quotes containing the word voter

1. I had a dream about you. You were storing my brain in a pickle jar in the fridge, and I only discovered it when I went to garnish my hamburger. Mindless and hungry, I was a US politician’s ideal voter.
- Jarod Kintz, We Had A #Dream About You