1. vested

adjective. ['ˈvɛstɪd'] fixed and absolute and without contingency.


  • unconditional


  • qualified
  • conditioned

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Rhymes with Vested

  • uncontested
  • unmolested
  • suggested
  • requested
  • congested
  • untested
  • retested
  • rearrested
  • molested
  • infested
  • detested
  • breasted
  • attested
  • wrested
  • tested
  • rested
  • nested
  • guested
  • chested
  • bested
  • arrested

Sentences with vested

1. Adjective
Getting a pension loan is an easy way for an employee to borrow money against their vested contribution.

2. Verb, past participle
You cannot borrow money against your stock until you are vested in your equity stock benefit plan.

3. Verb, past tense
Indiana courts consider pension rights, vested or unvested, to be marital assets.

Quotes about vested

1. The optimist underestimates how difficult it is to achieve real change, believing that anything is possible and it's possible now. Only by confronting head-on the reality that all progress is going to be obstructed by vested interests and corrupted by human venality can we create realistic programmes that actually have a chance of success.
- Julian Baggini