1. conditioned

adjective. ['kənˈdɪʃənd'] established by conditioning or learning.


  • differ

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Rhymes with Conditioned

  • requisitioned
  • propositioned
  • repositioned
  • decommissioned
  • partitioned
  • positioned
  • petitioned
  • commissioned
  • auditioned

Sentences with conditioned

1. Verb, past participle
Your brain is conditioned to think of things in your mouth as food and activates your salivary glands.

2. Adjective
The rough trail works best for conditioned horses.

3. Verb, past tense
Legacy Inn Suites is a fully air conditioned property featuring 98 guest suites, each with cable television.

Quotes about conditioned

1. I want to write a book called, "Bonfires and Bras,"which follows around a young, braless feminist who struggles to adopt in air conditioned rooms, as her hardened nipples cause her excess embarrassment.
- Jarod Kintz, I Want

2. How would your life be different if...You decided to give freely, love fully, and play feverously? Let today be the day...You free yourself from the conditioned rules that limit your happiness and dilute the beautiful life experience. Have fun. Give - Love - Play!
- Steve Maraboli, The Power of One

3. Comparing yourself to others does nothing for you. Society has conditioned us to value people who fit a secular mold of perfection".
- Michele Woolley, God's Favor - Breath Of Heaven

2. air-conditioned

adjective. cooled by air conditioning.


  • heat

3. conditioned

adjective. ['kənˈdɪʃənd'] physically fit.


  • fit


  • defuse
  • unmuzzle