1. caliper

noun. ['ˈkæləpɝ'] an instrument for measuring the distance between two points (often used in the plural).


  • calliper
  • measuring system
  • micrometer gauge
  • outside caliper
  • odd-leg caliper
  • measuring instrument
  • measuring device
  • vernier caliper
  • vernier micrometer
  • micrometer
  • inside caliper


  • standard
  • nonstandard
  • criticize

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How do you pronounce vernier caliper?

Pronounce vernier caliper as ˈvərniər ˈkæləpər.

US - How to pronounce vernier caliper in American English

UK - How to pronounce vernier caliper in British English

Sentences with vernier-caliper

1. Noun Phrase
Measure the thickness of the removed shims, using a vernier caliper.

2. Noun Phrase
Using a vernier caliper or ruler, measure the length, depth and width of the object in centimeters.

3. Noun Phrase
The primary benefit of the vernier caliper is that it has scales of measurement built into the tool.

2. vernier

noun. ['ˈvɝːniːɝ'] a small movable scale that slides along a main scale; the small scale is calibrated to indicate fractional divisions of the main scale.


  • scale

3. caliper

verb. ['ˈkæləpɝ'] measure the diameter of something with calipers.


  • measure out
  • measure
  • mensurate

4. Vernier

noun. French mathematician who described the vernier scale (1580-1637).